• Centaur Capital – Zeke Ashton
  • Childrens Investment Fund – Chris Hohn
  • Fairholme Fund – Bruce Berkowitz
  • Force Capital – Robert Jaffe
  • Greenlight Capital – David Einhorn
  • Icahn Capital – Carl Ichan
  • Legg Mason – Bill Miller
  • Longleaf – Mason Hawkins
  • Nierenberg Investment Management – David Nierenberg
  • Pabrai Investment Funds – Mohnish Pabrai
  • Perry Capital – Richard Perry
  • Pershing Square – Bill Ackman
  • RBS – Eddie Lampart
  • Sellers Capital – Mark Sellers
  • Spencer Capital Management – Kenneth Shubin Stein
  • The Baupost Group – Seth Karman
  • Third Point – Daniel Loeb
  • Tilson Investment Trust / T2 Partners – Whitney Tilson
  • Trian Partners – Nelson Peltz


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