Never Type Up Another Existing Document Again

December 5, 2007


I was considering typing up a scanned presentation I had, but a quick search for some free OCR (optical character recognition) software put a stop to that.

Jon Galloway has a great post about his search for free OCR software which covers how to use Microsoft Office Document Imaging.

Scan the document then use Microsoft Office Document Imaging to send the document to Word. This will give you a word document, which you can freely format and edit.

This works even better if you have a scanner that will convert your entire scanned document to a PDF in one go (rather than page by page). Then just print the PDF to file as a TIFF file, then import into Microsoft Office Document Imaging and send to Word.

This works best when you have a hard copy of the original document but no soft copy (be that the original document or a PDF from which you can copy and paste text).