America’s Infrastructure

The Economist has an article about the current infrastructure in America. The article contains some of the same figures which Sellers Capital use in their VMC investment thesis.

A few excerpts from the article:

In 2005 the American Society of Civil Engineers estimated that $1.6 trillion was needed over five years to bring just the existing infrastructure into good repair. This does not account for future needs.

The private sector is hungry to invest. In May Morgan Stanley raised $4 billion for its new infrastructure fund.

In January a national commission on transport policy recommended that the government should invest at least $225 billion each year for the next 50 years.

The article also outlines the underfunding of water infrastructure. Which is one the reasons behind Whitney Tilson picking MWA in July 2007, as mentioned in Kiplinger.

America’s ageing water infrastructure is sorely underfunded: the Environmental Protection Agency forecasts an $11 billion annual gap in meeting costs over the next 20 years.


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