Investment Portfolio

Readers of this blog may be familiar with, blogs like, Gannon on Investing, Value Investing, and a Few Cigar Butts and Value Discipline.

I intend to follow their lead and start posting about potential investments. And keep track of the resulting portfolio.

The portfolio will be highly concentrated, following the example of Mohnish Parbrai with ten positions each making up roughly 10% of the portfolio.

Companies I am looking at include:

Sears – SHLD:

Winn Dixe – WINN

EchoStar – SATS

  • Spin-off from EchoStar Communications (which has Bruce Berkowitz as an investor). The business makes set-top boxes for subscription TV, has seven satellites and US$1bn in cash.
  • The idea came from a write up by vinlin1060 at Value Investor Club, which I was able to read with a free guest membership that lets you view posts more than 45 days old.

Office Depot – ODP


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