Trump Strategies for Real Estate

Amazon says Trump Strategies for Real Estate, by George Ross (from Apprentice fame) offers unbeatable insider advice for every serious real estate investor – beginners and old pros alike.

I enjoyed the book; here are a few quotes and lists from the book.

There is a huge difference between the legal aspects of real estate and the business of investing in real estate. Most lawyers simply advise their clients not to do a deal if they find legal problems; lawyers cannot or will not make business recommendations for their clients. Goldman forced me to think like a businessman, not just a lawyer, and realize that almost every problem has a price tag.

  • On working for Donald Trump: Trump has been a great man to work for. In 10 years, he has never once asked me where I’m going or what I’m doing.
  • Look at problem properties as opportunities.
  • Always try to anticipate problems and questions other people will ask.
  • Ziff ’s principle of least effort: people will put the least amount of effort in a transaction that they can in order to proceed.

Principles of negotiation

  1. Create the aura of exclusivity.
  2. Don’t be misled by the aura of legitimacy.
  3. Every negotiation requires preplanning.
  4. Avoid a quick deal: the reason is that satisfaction of the egos on both sides of a negotiation is essential to a mutually agreeable conclusion. Remember that the word negotiation has “EGO” in it. Each participant must feel he has won a number of hard-fought concessions from his adversaries to satisfy his ego that he has done his job well.
  5. The invested time principle: the more time a person has invested in a transaction, the less likelihood he or she’s going to give it up.
  • Insist on negotiating directly with the decision maker, not a representative.
  • Importance of doing a post negotiation review.

Four ways to be distinctive and add “sizzle” to your property

  1. Understand your buyers’ and tenants’ lifestyle.
  2. Know what your customers will pay extra for and what they won’t.
  3. Understand your buyers’ and tenants’ lifestyle.
  4. Know what your customers will pay extra for and what they won’t.

How to motive people:

One of Donald Trump’s greatest attributes is his willingness to bestow praise on someone in the presence of others.I have visited a construction site with Donald and he’d stop and say, “George, see that woodwork? This guy is the best woodworker in the entire city, maybe the world.” I knew that that was exaggerated praise but the broad smile on the worker’s face said it all. He will tell his friends and family what Trump said and you can be sure he will be a perfectionist in everything he does for Trump.

Here is another review of the book by TheWildInvestor.


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  1. thewild1 says:

    hey thanks for posting my article. it was a good book

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