Top 10 Links

Top 10 blog posts I read this week:

  1. Have a Company Voice: Post about how people like it when companies have personalities. It makes us feel like there are actual people on the other side of the communication.
  2. IOD – Overheard at the bar: List of tips for company directors from the October issue of Boardroom, the Institute of Directors’ monthly magazine.
  3. Markets in Everything: Cheat Offsetting: Building on the thriving carbon offset industry, an innovative British firm, Cheat Neutral, now offers cheat offsetting.
  4. Special situation and microcap links: Tools for finding cheap stocks in the UK.
  5. IAC/InterActiveCorp Splitting Into Five Companies: Brief post about IAC splitting into five companies.
  6. Interesting Items for Tuesday, November 06, 2007: Entergy (ETR) announced it will spin-off its unregulated nuclear plants.
  7. Xero results – first look: First look at Xero’s results.
  8. And the publishers of America looked upon Freakonomics and saw that it was good
  9. Uncluttered lunch tote
  10. Two Stocks with 20%-Plus Expected Returns: Tip from Morningstar.


One Response to Top 10 Links

  1. Jim Donovan says:

    Thanks for the mention, Bert. Overall I liked the list of directors tips, but I’ve rejected one . I’ve now written a short rant “The CEO is NOT your most valuable asset”.

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