Investment Tools

Here are a few investment tools I came across from Top 5 Hacks for Intelligent Investors and Valuation Tools from Financial Times from FatPitchFinancials.

Excel Add-In

This Excel Add-In lets you take financial data from Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, MorningStar, Reuters etc straight into Excel. For example you want the market cap of MSFT from Yahoo Finance in your Excel spreadsheet. Just install the add-in and use the formula “=RCHGetElementNumber(“MSFT”, 941)”. Quote from the orginal post.

You can turbo charge you stock financial spreadsheets using an excellent and free Excel Stock Market Functions Add-in. You can download this great tool that lets you add data from MSN, Yahoo, Google, Reuters, ADVFN, Morningstar, and more directly into your Excel spreadsheet cells by joining the smf_addin group.

Note to download the add-in you have to join the associated Yahoo Group.

FT – DCF model

The Lex column from the Financial Times has an online DCF calculator / model. This is good for people that don’t want to build a model in Excel and are happy to plug in a few high level assumptions to generate a valuation.


One Response to Investment Tools

  1. Bert

    We are building an on-line valuation tool at the moment here in Wellington.

    As a user of these type of tools – we would be interested in your take on the functionality we are building.

    If you are interested in a demo – drop me a line and we will sort something out.


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