Financial Data Websites

I use Google Finance and Yahoo Finance on a daily basis. But have come across

The site offers a wealth of financial data with all the financial statements broken down into far more detail than either Yahoo Finance or Google Finance.

For example:

I will continue to use Google Finance for my search needs. So finding companies and other related companies. While still using Yahoo Finance for high level financial info. But for anything more I plan to use


One Response to Financial Data Websites

  1. Sam says:

    I hadn’t seen advfn before but the detail and history of the financial statements provided appears superior to Yahoo! Finance. The company data page contains an extensive amount of information, most of this information is available on other finance portals but not on the same page. I also found the search was easier to use than Yahoo! Finance. I don’t use Google Finance but often use Yahoo! Finance and can see myself using advfn in the future.

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